Restorant Roshniku

Set in a quiet village about 20 minutes from Berat, Restorant Roshniku is the perfect escape from the urban hustle and bustle to relax, wind down and enjoy the tastes of Albania.

The family run business is focused on delivering its guests a truly authentic experience, with its rustic kitchen on display as the aromas of the different byreks and meats float throughout the village. Absolutely everything is completely organic. This is Albanian agro-tourism at its finest!

Before eating at the restaurant, be sure to head to the adjacent ‘Kantina Alpeta‘ for a tasting sample. This winery is owned and operated by the same family as the restaurant and, as a repeat customer, I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every vintage over the years. The white wine is particularly intriguing as it is made from the ‘pule’ grape, native to the region. Of course, for those more hardened, excellent raki is also available.

Upon arrival at the restaurant you can expect your table to be adorned with an array of goodies – pastries, cheeses, fresh fruit and vegetables, olives, pickles and more. You’ll be advised the meat options of the day (the lamb and goat are the standouts for me) and given the opportunity to advise the wait staff of your preferred beverage.

The restaurant offers three main dining areas. You can choose to be close to nature in the warmer months and enjoy the outdoor courtyard or dine on the upper balcony, or be seated in the wooden dining room upstairs, complete with giant wine barrell toilets! For a more authentic tavern experience, the downstairs dining area is adorned with more traditional objects and artifacts.

If you are anything like me, you won’t be ready to leave the village after lunch or dinner, so I was ever so grateful when the establishment opened up their accommodation in 2019. What a beautiful surrounding to wake up to in the morning, the song of crickets your alarm and plenty of hiking opportunities waiting for you in the surrounding areas.

A trip to Restorant Roshniku is an absolute “must-visit” for anyone interested in leanring more about Albanian cuisine, culture and traditions. Oh, and the best part? Your wallet will barely even notice you’ve been there!

Restorant Roshniku – ✪✪✪✪✪

Cuisine: Traditional Albanian; Slow Food

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday; 11am to 11pm

Best Dish: Lamb and goat meats


+355 69 759 2366

Roshnik Centre


Berat County

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